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What are the fertilizer requirements of spinach? How to grow high-yield and high-quality spinach?

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What are the characteristics of high-yield and high-quality spinach that requires fertilizer?

1. Nutritional characteristics of the root system: Spinach's main root grows deeper and is still very developed. The taproot is slightly thicker and slightly enlarged, storing nutrients, sweet and edible. The main root groups are distributed in the 2525-30cm soil layer. The lateral roots are not well developed, so they are not suitable for transplanting. The spinach planting area requires that no cotton has been planted within 3 years, and it should be in a neutral or slightly alkaline loam with water retention, fertilizer retention, moist, fertile, and slightly alkaline loam.

2. The dynamics of fertilizer requirement for spinach: Spinach has a short growing period, fast growth rate, high yield, and a large amount of fertilizer. Therefore, more nitrogen fertilizer is required to promote the growth of leaf clumps. The yield is higher when the ratio of nitrate nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen is above 2:1.

3. Spinach is one of the vegetables with high nitrate accumulation. Spinach mainly absorbs nitrate nitrogen, which is then reduced to nitrite or ammonium salt in the plant body to be reused. Therefore, the content of nitrate in spinach depends on the form and content of available nitrogen in the soil, and the plant's effect on nitrate. Absorption and transportation, and reduction of nitrate.

4. Phosphate fertilizer has little effect on the nitrate content of spinach. Potassium can inhibit the reduction of nitrate. Increased application of potassium fertilizer can increase the nitrate and yield of spinach.

5. Sodium, calcium and magnesium have no direct effect on the nitrate content of spinach, and boron deficiency will increase the nitrate content of spinach.

6. Soil type, soil pH, factors and climatic conditions all affect the nitrate content of spinach. At the same time, when water and fertilizer are insufficient, spinach lacks nutrients, which affects commercial output.

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