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What are the fertilizer requirements of peppers? How to fertilize?

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First, the characteristics of pepper need fertilizer

The absorption of nitrogen fertilizer in the seedling stage of pepper is very small, but the demand for decomposed organic fertilizer is relatively high before planting, which is very beneficial to the high yield of pepper in the later stage. The demand for nitrogen fertilizer increases from the flowering stage to the fruiting stage. A large amount of nitrogen fertilizer is needed. From budding to flowering, an appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is needed. The nutrient growth of the plant in the full fruit period becomes weaker, and the demand for phosphorus and potassium is relatively more. In addition, the pepper needs more fertilizer during the fruiting period, and it is generally mastered. The principle of re-application of base fertilizer and smart application of topdressing can promote high yield of peppers. During the planting process, the amount of fertilizer should be determined according to the growth of the peppers. In the result period, attention should be paid to the use of water and fertilizers, and the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and trace element fertilizers.

Second. Pepper fertilization technology

1. Lightly apply the seedling fertilizer, which is applied when the pepper is planted and watered. It is advisable to apply 5-10 kg of compound fertilizer per acre.

2. Apply flower bud fertilizer steadily. Flower bud fertilizer is applied when the pepper is budding. At this time, the pepper grows from vegetative growth to reproductive growth. Pay attention to the amount of fertilizer applied to avoid excessive growth and insufficient fertilizer, which will also affect the yield. Fertilization is mainly based on stability. Mainly, you need to apply 20 kg of compound fertilizer and 5 kg of superphosphate.

3. Reapplying flower and fruit fertilizer. During the flowering and fruit setting period of pepper, a lot of water and fertilizer are needed. This is also the key to high yield of pepper. At this time, appropriate amount of potassium fertilizer needs to be applied, which plays an important role in improving the quality of pepper. 5 kg of compound fertilizer and 10 kg of potash fertilizer. After applying the fertilizer, pay attention to watering to promote nutrient absorption.

4. Fruit fertilizer, after picking peppers, you need to apply sufficient manure or compound fertilizer, and then add urea, which has a positive effect on supplementing the nutrients consumed by peppers and improving the quality of peppers.

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