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What are the fertilizer requirements of litchi? How to fertilize lychees?

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1. Litchi needs fertilizer characteristics

Litchi has relatively high requirements for organic fertilizers. It needs to be fertilized according to the growth period, and a reasonable combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers needs to be adjusted according to factors such as lychee varieties, growth conditions, and climate. If it is an acid soil orchard, you need to apply lime, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer to adjust the pH of the soil, which is conducive to the growth of lychee trees. During the growth of lychee, it is also necessary to apply trace element fertilizers. In the rainy season, fertilization is mainly ammonium nitrogen fertilizer, and urea or nitrate nitrogen fertilizer is used less.

2. Litchi fertilization technology

One time it was a flower-promoting fertilizer. Before and after the small cold period, organic fertilizers should be used mainly, including bone meal, peanut bran, bean bran or decomposed chicken and pigeon manure, pig manure, etc., using furrow application, and can also be mixed with borax and zinc sulfate. If the bran is splashed with water or compound fertilizer is applied, it should be postponed until around the Spring Festival.

The second time is Zhuanghua Fertilizer. It should be applied at the beginning of flowering. This time the fertilizer is mainly potassium fertilizer and urea. Compound fertilizer can also be applied, but it should be 2 to 3 days earlier. The fruit-preserving fertilizer can be applied under the premise that the organic fertilizer is insufficient or the strong flower fertilizer is not applied in the cold, otherwise it is easy to induce a lot of fruit drop in the summer.

The third time is to preserve fruit and fertilizer. After the results are sprayed with foliar fertilizer, the main fertilizers include zinc sulfate, magnesium sulfate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and so on. It can also be combined with spraying insecticides to prevent pests from occurring.

The fourth time is Zhuangguofei. During the fruit expansion period, 1~1.5 kg of decomposed peanut bran is used for each plant, plus 1 kg of three 15% compound fertilizers and 50 kg of water.

The fifth time is that the autumn shoots bear fruit on the mother shoots. Fertilizer should be applied twice at this time, usually after picking the fruit. Apply urea and compound fertilizer when the young fruiting trees are tapping, and apply urea and compound fertilizer to each plant of the adult fruiting trees. In the new shoot period, extra-root topdressing fertilizer is used to promote the shoots. , Apply potassium dihydrogen phosphate plus urea.

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