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What are the fertilizer requirements of cucumbers?

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What are the fertiliser requirements of cucumbers? The cucumber's fertilizer law, you can make the best use of the fertilizer, that is, not to waste, also let the fertilizer ground to play.

Cucumber like fertile loose, permeable sandy soil, soil pH in 5.5 ~ 7.2. Because of the cucumber harvest period is long, the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium three elements, generally per 1000 kg of fruit production, need to absorb 2.8 ~ 3.2 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus 1.2 ~ 1.8 kg, potassium 3.6 ~ 4.4 kg, the ratio is about 1:0.5:1.4. cucumber seedlings absorb The amount of phosphorus is more, nitrogen, potassium fertilizer is less, the melon period needs nitrogen, potassium fertilizer. So cucumber fertilizer base fertilizer more phosphorus fertilizer, less nitrogen, potassium fertilizer, fertilizer to nitrogen, potassium fertilizer, with appropriate phosphorus fertilizer and a variety of micro-fertilizer. Cucumber has the characteristics of fertilizer but not fertilizer, so each time the amount of fertilizer should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to cause fertilizer damage, burn seedlings phenomenon.

A, cucumbers need fertilizer law of the base fertilizer

In order to improve soil fertility, improve soil structure, to meet the needs of the crop seedlings on nutrients, must apply sufficient fertilizer to ensure that the seedlings are strong. Open-field cucumber general planting before the application of 5 to 7 cubic meters of well-rotted organic fertilizer per mu, diammonium phosphate 30 to 50 kg, potassium sulfate or potassium chloride 10 to 20 kg. Because of the long fertility of cucumber facilities, the general mu base application of well-rotted high-quality organic fertilizer 10 to 15 cubic meters, urea 20 kg, diammonium phosphate 50 kg, calcium superphosphate 50 kg, potassium sulfate 12 kg. Because the root system of cucumber is weak, the base fertilizer should be concentrated deep application, that is, first the ground will be turned deep after leveling, in the start of the monopoly to open 60 cm wide, 10 cm deep ditch, will be a variety of mixed fertilizer buried deep after the monopoly planting. After planting, you can dilute the fertilizer and irrigate the roots to promote early seedling growth and development.

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