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What are the effects of nitrogen fertilizer on plants

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What are the effects of nitrogen fertilizer on plants

The role of nitrogen fertilizer for plants

Nitrogen is an important component of proteins and nucleic acids. Proteins are the basic substances that make up cell protoplasm, while cells are the center of metabolism in plants, and nucleic acids determine plant growth, fruit formation, seed development, etc. Nitrogen can be said to be the element of life.

Nitrogen is a direct component of chlorophyll, which is the site of photosynthesis in plants, and its amount directly affects the formation of photosynthesis products. Why is nitrogen a direct component of chlorophyll? We know that in addition to nitrogen crops lack of other elements leaves will also lose green, for example, iron deficiency leaves will also be obvious loss of green, but iron is not a component of chlorophyll, but only to promote the synthesis of chlorophyll, it can be seen that nitrogen is relatively more important to chlorophyll.

Nitrogen is a component of biological enzymes. Nitrogen affects the formation of enzyme proteins and enzymatic reactions, which in turn affect the metabolic processes and the speed of biochemical reactions in plants, thus controlling the formation of many important substances in plants.

Nitrogen is a component of many vitamins Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and other molecules contain nitrogen, which are components of coenzymes and are involved in plant metabolism.

Nitrogen is also a component of some plant hormones, and is contained in plant growth hormone and cytokinin. Nitrogen is also a constituent of important compounds such as ATP, NAD, NADP, FAD, phospholipids and various alkaloids.

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