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What are the benefits of combining organic and chemical fertilisers?

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In the process of crop fertilization, some farmers prefer to apply chemical fertilizers, often leading to soil caking. The organic fertilizer alone, although conducive to fertilizing the ground, but the fertilizer effect is slow. If organic fertiliser and chemical fertiliser are used together, it will play a good role. What are the benefits of combining organic and chemical fertilisers? Here is a brief introduction to the benefits of organic fertiliser with chemical fertiliser.

Comprehensive supply of nutrients needed: chemical fertilizers have high nutrient content, fast fertilizer effect, but short duration and single nutrient, organic fertilizers are the opposite, organic fertilizers mixed with chemical fertilizers can meet the nutrient needs of crops in all growth periods.

Reduced nutrient fixation: When fertiliser is applied to the soil, some nutrients are absorbed or fixed by the soil, reducing the effectiveness of the nutrients. Mixing with organic fertilisers reduces the contact surface between the fertiliser and the soil and increases the effectiveness of the nutrients.

Improved crop nutrient absorption: chemical fertilisers are highly soluble and cause high osmotic pressure after application, which affects crop absorption of nutrients. If mixed with organic fertilisers, this disadvantage can be overcome.

Organic fertilisers are effective in regulating soil pH: a single application of acidic fertilisers to alkaline soils will lead to increased acidity and increased soil consolidation. If mixed with organic fertilisers, they can improve the buffering capacity of the soil and effectively regulate the acidity and alkalinity.

Increasing soil nutrients: organic fertilisers are the energy source for microbial survival, while chemical fertilisers are the inorganic nutrients for microbial growth and development. Mixing the two promotes the vitality of microorganisms, which in turn promotes the decomposition of organic fertilisers. The activity of soil microorganisms can also produce vitamins, biotin and nicotinic acid, which increase soil nutrients, improve soil vitality and promote healthy crop growth.

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