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What are the benefits of calcium nitrate? How to use calcium nitrate

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Calcium nitrate is an important fertilizer used in many crops. Calcium nitrate is most suitable for beet, potato, barley, hemp and other crops, and is widely used in various soils, especially in acidic soils lacking calcium, and its effect will be better. So what are the benefits of calcium nitrate? How to use it? The following are the benefits and usage of calcium nitrate.

What are the benefits of calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate has the characteristics of rapid calcium and nitrogen supplementation. Its unique combination of nitrate nitrogen and 100% water-soluble calcium provides many properties and benefits not found in other fertilizers and is one of the most valuable fertilizers on the market. Each grain of calcium nitrate evenly contains 11.8% nitrogen (nitrate) and 23.7% water-soluble calcium, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients by crops, enhances the stress resistance of fruits and vegetables, promotes early maturity, and improves the quality of fruits and vegetables. It is widely used in base application, topdressing, flushing and foliar spraying, and can also be used as a nutrient solution for soilless cultivation. It is rich in calcium ions, and it will not only not deteriorate the physical properties of the soil, but also improve the soil.

Calcium Nitrate Benefits

Good safety performance, easy storage and handling. Ammonized calcium nitrate and agricultural calcium nitrate are used as a substitute for ammonium nitrate and are a safer nitrate nitrogen fertilizer than ammonium nitrate. Due to the presence of calcium element, the hygroscopicity of agricultural calcium nitrate is lower than that of ordinary ammonium nitrate, which improves the caking and thermal stability, and is not prone to fire and explosion during storage and handling.

Mainly nitrate nitrogen, plus calcium, crops are indispensable. Agricultural calcium nitrate is a new type of high-efficiency chemical fertilizer containing nitrogen and available calcium. Agricultural calcium nitrate contains a large amount of nitrate nitrogen, which can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants without conversion to ammonium nitrogen and amide nitrogen. Calcium is one of the essential nutrients for the growth and development of crops and plays an important role in the growth process of crops. The nitrate nitrogen contained in agricultural calcium nitrate can be directly absorbed by crops without soil conversion. The loss of nitrogen volatilization is small, and the effect of basal fertilizer and top dressing fertilizer is fast, and it can quickly replenish nitrogen to crops.

Usage of calcium nitrate

Suitable for top dressing of dry fields. However, it should be noted that the fertilizer nutrients of calcium nitrate are easy to be lost, so a small amount of fertilizer should be applied in batches, and it is generally not applied before the rain.

When used as base fertilizer, it can be combined with decomposed organic fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer (superphosphate) and potassium fertilizer, which can significantly improve the fertilizer efficiency. But it should not be mixed with superphosphate alone to prevent reducing the efficiency of phosphate fertilizer. Due to the low nitrogen content of calcium nitrate, the dosage is higher than that of other nitrogen fertilizers.

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