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What are the advantages of calcium nitrate compared to other fertilisers?

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Calcium nitrate uses advanced plant growth theory and has a rapid calcium and nitrogen supplementation. So, what are the advantages of calcium nitrate compared to other fertilisers?


Advantages of calcium nitrate

1. Good safety features, easy storage and handling

Calcium nitrate for ammonia and calcium nitrate for agriculture, as an alternative to ammonium nitrate, is a safer nitrate nitrogen fertiliser than ammonium nitrate. Calcium nitrate for agriculture is less hygroscopic than ordinary ammonium nitrate due to the presence of calcium, which improves caking and thermal stability, and is less susceptible to fire and explosion during storage and handling.

2、Nitrate-based nitrogen, plus calcium, indispensable for crops

Calcium nitrate for agriculture is a new type of chemical fertiliser containing nitrogen and calcium. Calcium nitrate for agriculture contains a large amount of nitrate nitrogen, and ammonium nitrogen, amide nitrogen ratio without conversion, can be directly absorbed and used by plants. Calcium is one of the essential nutrients for the growth and development of crops and plays an important role in the growth process of crops. 

According to the analysis of relevant experts, many crops are second only to nitrogen and potassium, and higher than phosphorus demand.

3、Small volatile loss, high utilization rate

According to domestic and foreign information: urea and ammonium carbon in the storage and use process of nitrogen loss in 40% to 50%. The environmental pollution caused by the loss of nitrogen is also quite serious in China every year. 

Therefore, improving the utilisation rate of fertilisers and protecting the environment has become one of the most important challenges for China's agricultural development. The nitrate nitrogen contained in agricultural calcium nitrate can be directly absorbed by crops without soil transformation, with little volatile loss of nitrogen.

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