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What Pests Does Abamectin Kill?

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Avermectin is a relatively broad-spectrum pesticide. Since the delisting of methamidophos pesticide, avermectin has become the mainstream pesticide on the market. Abamectin has been popular among growers for its excellent cost performance. , Abamectin is not only an insecticide, but also an acaricide, or a nematicide.


Excellent effect on lepidopteran pests


Abamectin is frequently registered on the lepidopteran pest Plutella xylostella, and occasionally it is also registered on the rice leaf roller. At present, avermectin is mainly used to beat the leaf roller on rice. Due to the long use time In general, avermectin will also be compounded with tetraclosan and chlorantraniliprole to control leaf rollers.


In the past few years, high-dose abamectin has appeared in the rice market to fight the resistant Chilo suppressalis. In the case of compounding other agents, the effect is not bad. The abamectin is used less on the vegetable diamondback moth. The main reason is too much resistance.


Good effect of preventing mites


Abamectin has a good effect on mites such as citrus red spiders and other fruit tree red spiders. It is often compounded with spirodiclofen and etoxazole to control mites. Abamectin has strong penetrating ability and can prevent mites. There is still a certain market in the category.

Can be used to kill root knot nematodes

Abamectin is also effective for controlling soil root-knot nematodes, generally in the form of granules, and some registration certificates are a combination of avermectin and thiazolyl. At present, the root-knot nematode market is relatively large, and the market prospect of abamectin is still good.


Concluding remarks

As a relatively conventional agent, avermectin is currently resistant, so we generally do not recommend using avermectin alone to control pests. It is generally used in combination with other agents. It is recommended that you use avermectin At the time, pay attention to the rotation of medication to delay the development of resistance.

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