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What Kind Of Fertilizer Do I Need To Grow Tulips?

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Tulips choose different fertilizers in different periods. After vernalization, the bulbs have just begun to sprout and grow, and they need to be supplemented with a proper amount of nitrogen fertilizer to promote the development of stems and leaves.


Generally, calcium nitrate is used and applied every other week for a total of three times. After the flower buds are formed, you can apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate, to promote flowering.

When to fertilize?

Tulips are fertilized mainly in spring and autumn.

In summer, the temperature is high, the plant will enter a dormant state, and there is no need to fertilize it at this time. In winter, because the temperature is low, the plants need to undergo vernalization, and fertilization is not suitable.

Generally, nutrients should be added during the budding and budding stages of the plant to promote plant growth and flowering.

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