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What Are The Good Fertilization Methods For Bitter Gourd

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In the cultivation of bitter gourd, the top dressing method commonly used by vegetable farmers who grow bitter gourd is to flush with water. Although this is very convenient, and the fertilizer can be evenly applied to the soil, the number of plants in bitter gourd per mu is small. Flushing topdressing will result in low fertilizer utilization and serious waste. So what are the good fertilization methods for bitter gourd?


Therefore, I remind vegetable farmers: The topdressing of bitter gourd should be changed to concentrated fertilization, such as digging a ring-shaped trench to fertilize, etc., which can greatly improve the utilization rate of fertilizer. The specific method is to dig a ring-shaped ditch 20 cm inside the bitter gourd plant with a depth of 5 cm, and then apply 50 grams of compound fertilizer or 80 grams of biological fertilizer to each ditch, bury the ditch with soil and water it. You can also dig a half-meter long strip trench 20 cm inside the bitter gourd plant, and apply the above-mentioned amount of fertilizer to each trench, and the effect is also good. It should be noted that the bitter gourd should be watered in time after each topdressing, so that the absorption effect will be better.

Formulated fertilization is based on soil testing and fertilizer field trials. According to the law of crop fertilizer requirements, soil fertilization performance and fertilizer effect, on the basis of rational application of organic fertilizers, fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and medium and trace elements are proposed. Application amount, fertilization period and application method. In layman's terms, it is the scientific application of formula fertilizers under the guidance of agricultural science and technology personnel. The core of the soil testing and formula fertilization technology is to adjust and solve the contradiction between the fertilizer requirement of the crop and the fertilizer supply of the soil. At the same time, the nutrient elements required by the crops are supplemented in a targeted manner. What elements are missing in the crops are supplemented with as much as needed to achieve a balanced supply of various nutrients to meet the needs of the crops; to improve the utilization rate of fertilizers and reduce the dosage, and increase the crops. The purpose of output, improving the quality of agricultural products, saving labor, saving expenditure and increasing income.

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