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What Are The Fertilization Techniques For Daylily in Different Periods?

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Fertilization is also very important for day lily after cultivation. The fertilization of daylily can be divided into three stages: seedling fertilizer, sedge fertilizer, and bud fertilizer.


Seedling fertilizer. After the daylily emerges in mid-February, the stage before the sprouts grows is the seedling stage. The nutrients supplied at this time are mainly used for seedling emergence and leaf growth, promoting the early growth and rapid development of leaves, making the leaves grow robustly and having a strong assimilation area, and laying a material foundation for the quantity and quality of the differentiation of flower sprouts and flower buds. The application time of spring seedling fertilizer should be earlier, generally should be carried out at the beginning of germination. 


The general availability of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers for spring seedling fertilizers should be applied in combination, and the amount should be determined according to the soil fertility. Generally, 10 kg of superphosphate is applied per mu, with 5-10 kg of potassium sulfate or potassium chloride.


Sedge fertilizer. According to the growth and development law of yellow cabbage, in order to better exert the fertilizer effect, it is generally necessary to apply fertilizer once when the flower sprouts begin to differentiate and when the flower sprouts begin to be extracted, mainly chemical fertilizers. The secondary human excrement is mixed with cake fertilizer and applied after fermentation to promote the development of flower sprouts and flower buds. 


The total amount of fertilizer per mu for two times: 12.5-15 kg of urea, 10-15 kg of superphosphate, and 10-12.5 kg of potassium sulfate or potassium chloride. Among them, the dosage should be slightly less than the second time; when the second fertilization is applied, the daylily is entering the peak reproductive growth period, the fertilizer demand is large, the vegetative growth is in a subordinate position, the leaf age index has reached, and the leaf tissue is full, which can be re-fertilized. .


day lily fertilization


Bud fat. Bud fertilizer is a supplementary measure, which plays a certain role in increasing production. Daylily has the characteristics of continuous picking and germination. The picking time is long, and the whole picking period needs to consume a lot of nutrients. 


The purpose of bud fertilizer is to supplement the nutrition of daylily, prevent fertilizer and premature aging, and keep the leaves green, so as to stimulate and strengthen the buds, improve the bud formation rate, prolong the picking period, and thus increase the yield of daylily. The time to apply bud fertilizer is generally 10 days after the start of picking, that is, before entering the peak harvest period. Use 5-12.5 kg of urea per mu, add water to the rhizosphere.

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