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What Are The Benefits Of Extra-root Fertilisation?

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What are the benefits of extra-root fertilisation?




The fertiliser solution is sprayed on the stems and leaves of the crop, and the crop is fertilised through the stomatal abetment, which is called extra-root fertilisation and can also be called foliar fertilisation.




What are the advantages of extra-root fertilisation?




Fertiliser is a more economical and effective means of fertilisation because the amount of fertiliser used is small, losses are low and the crop absorbs it completely and quickly.




Especially in the late growth of sesame, soil fertilization is extremely inconvenient, and the root system absorption is very weak, when the external root fertilizer, can improve plant nutrition, extend the functional period of the green organs of the stem and leaves, promote the transfer of nutrients to the capsule fruit grains, to increase the grain weight, to tap the potential of high yield, is of great significance.




When a crop is deficient in a particular nutrient, it can be eradicated and the symptoms disappeared by means of extra-root fertilisation. For this reason, external fertilisation is often used as an effective method to diagnose and control deficiency diseases.




Fertilisation methods




Extra-root fertilisation can generally be carried out once or three times during the bud stage and after the crop has topped out. The bud stage can be combined with pest and disease control, spraying plant growth regulators to promote flowering and increase capsule; later in the season, it can be combined with spraying carbendazim to prevent disease and protect leaves.




The fertilisers used for extra-root fertilisation are generally urea, potassium phosphate and boron fertiliser, etc. The concentrations used are: urea at 1%, potassium phosphate at 03%-04% and borax at 0.1%.




When using, first dissolve the fertiliser into a solution. To increase the adhesion of the solution on the foliage, add an appropriate amount of washing powder as a spreading agent. When spraying, the droplets should be fine, so that the stems and leaves will be wet and not dripping as degree.




To reduce the evaporation of the fertiliser solution and to prolong the absorption time of the sesame stems and leaves, spraying should be done in the evening or early morning.

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