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Ways to produce high-yield cucumbers

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How to fertilize cucumbers efficiently?

Cucumbers grow faster, and at the same time they grow old. In addition to heavy rainfall, there is more loss of fertilizer and water. In addition to base fertilizer, topdressing should be done as soon as possible. At the 1-2 leaf stage and after the cucumbers are harvested once, soil and fertilizer should be cultivated again, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be given to avoid premature aging and steep growth. Pay attention to reasonable fertilization, do not increase or decrease the moisture, and use small amounts of fertilizer several times. Cucumbers like dampness but not waterlogging, fertilizer but not fertilizer. It is advisable to choose fertile soil rich in organic matter. Generally, soils with a pH between 5.5 and 7.2 are preferred, but a pH value of 6.5 is better.

How to prevent insects and diseases?

Diseases don't have to be treated for all diseases, just grab the ones that have a big impact on growth, yield and quality. this point is very important. The prominent diseases of cucumber are downy mildew and angular leaf spot. You can use Liufuding's Wujuan for early prevention and control. On the basis of selecting disease-resistant varieties, paying attention to leaf picking, and strengthening ventilation and dehumidification, it is important to prevent it as soon as possible, not later than 6 leaves. This is the need for disease prevention strategies and the requirement to reduce pesticide residues. 

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