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Ways to improve the fertilizer efficiency of urea

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In view of these characteristics of urea, some measures can be taken to improve the fertilizer efficiency of urea.  

    (1) Urea should be applied deeply, which will not only help the conversion of urea, but also reduce the volatilization loss after urea is converted into ammonium carbonate, but it should not be too close to the root system to prevent ammonia damage. Deep application of urea is not suitable for leaching loss. Large sandy soil with low available nitrogen content is not suitable for soil with low urease content or low activity.  

    (2) When urea is used as rice basal fertilizer or top dressing, considering the characteristics of initial fluidity, do not irrigate immediately after application, and then irrigate after a few days when it is converted into ammonium nitrogen.  

    (3) Do not apply too much urea on sandy soil at one time, causing loss.  

    (4) Urea is made into granular or large granular application, which can make the fertilizer effect longer and reduce the loss. It can also be made into coated long-acting fertilizer.  

    (5) Urea can be applied with nitrification inhibitors to prevent nitrification leaching of ammonium nitrogen, and it can also be applied with urease inhibitors to slow down the hydrolysis of urea.

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