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Water Soluble Fertilizer

Water Soluble Fertilizer refers to the compound fertilizer such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, micronutrient, amino acid, humic acid and alginic acid which can be completely dissolved in water.
Product Description

Water Soluble Fertilizer refers to the compound fertilizer such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, micronutrient, amino acid, humic acid and alginic acid which can be completely dissolved in water. From the form of solid water-soluble fertilizer and liquid water-soluble fertilizer two kinds. From the nutrient content, there are many elements water-soluble fertilizer, medium elements water-soluble fertilizer, Micronutrient water-soluble fertilizer, amino acid water-soluble fertilizer, humic acid water-soluble fertilizer, organic water-soluble fertilizer, etc.



Compared with traditional SSP and prilling compound fertilizer, Water Soluble Fertilizer has obvious advantages. It is a quick-acting fertilizer, water-soluble, no residue, can be completely dissolved in water, can be directly absorbed by the crop roots and leaves. The effective absorption rate of water and fertilizer is more than double to 80%-90% , and the effect of fertilizer is fast, which can solve the nutrition requirement of high yield crop in fast growing period. The water requirement of the drip irrigation system is only 30% of that of the common chemical fertilizer. The importance of water-soluble fertilizers has been recognized by more and more experts in soil fertilizer, agricultural technology extension, agricultural resellers and farmers.

Methods and techniques

Now, as a new type of fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer, compared with traditional fertilizer, not only the formula is diverse, application method is also very flexible, can irrigate the soil, so that plant roots in full contact with fertilizer, heartily absorb all kinds of nutrients; It can be sprayed on the leaf surface and enter the plant through the STOMATA on the leaf surface to improve the rate of fertilizer absorption and utilization. In the process of fertilization, in order to achieve the best effect, we should master certain fertilization techniques according to the characteristics of water-soluble fertilizer.

1.Direct irrigation should be avoided and secondary dilution should be adopted Because the water-soluble fertilizer is different from the general compound fertilizer, so the farmers can not apply fertilizer according to the conventional method, resulting in uneven fertilization, burning seedling roots, seedling weak and other phenomena, secondary dilution to ensure uniform fertilizer, improve fertilizer utilization rate.

2.Strictly control the amount of fertilizer applied. The nutrient content of water-soluble fertilizer is higher than that of general compound fertilizer, and the dosage is relatively less. Because of its quick effect, it is difficult to keep in the soil for a long time, so the amount of fertilizer should be strictly controlled to avoid the loss of fertilizer, that is to say, the economic benefit of fertilizer application will be reduced, and the aim of high yield, good quality and high efficiency will not be achieved.

3. Use only or mix with non-alkaline pesticides as far as possible. For example, in vegetables appear deficiency disease or poor root growth, many farmers use water-soluble fertilizer method to alleviate. In this remind farmers friends, water-soluble fertilizer to try to apply alone or mixed with non-alkaline pesticides, so as not to react with metal ions produced precipitation, resulting in leaf fertilizer or injury.


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