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Want high-yield and delicious pumpkins? How should the fertilizer be applied?

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  1. Base fertilizer

    Planting pumpkins requires soil preparation and base fertilizer. The base fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer, and then some compound fertilizers of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Organic fertilizer can be about 8000 catties per acre of land, and compound fertilizer can be about 40 catties per acre of land.

    In recent years, farmers have used chemical fertilizers in order to save trouble. Chemical fertilizers have caused soil compaction all the year round. Every year, every year, the output of pumpkins is getting lower and lower. This method is not advisable.

2. Top dressing

    Top dressing is also divided into several stages:

(1) After the pumpkins are planted and the seedlings are slowed down, pay attention to the fertilizer for some weakly growing pumpkins. Also water it. It is okay to add 20 catties of compound fertilizer to an acre of land.

(2) After the pumpkin seedlings sit on two pumpkins, they need to chase fertilizer again. 40 kilograms of compound fertilizer per mu should be watered at the same time.

(3) After the pumpkins are harvested, they are afraid of premature aging of the pumpkin seedlings. Farmers can give another fertilizer based on the growth of their pumpkins. However, some farmers do not want to harvest tender melons, but only want to harvest mature old melons. Such plots do not need to be topdressed.

3. Spray foliar fertilizer

    In the middle and late stages of pumpkin growth, the absorptive capacity of the roots becomes very weak. Farmers can spray some foliar fertilizer on the leaves to provide nutrition to the pumpkin. Generally, some nitrogen and potassium-containing solutions are sprayed, spraying once every other week, and spraying three times is almost the same. This fertilization method is conducive to the absorption of pumpkins and can improve the yield and quality of pumpkins.

    In the actual process of planting pumpkins, many farmers only used the base fertilizer once, and the base fertilizer was also applied with chemical fertilizers, and seldom used topdressing. They feel that top dressing is unnecessary. It is because of this misunderstanding that the yield of pumpkins they grow is very low, and the taste is also very poor.

    To grow pumpkins, we must master the scientific method of fertilizer. The base fertilizer needs to be adequate, in addition to chemical fertilizers, some organic fertilizers are also needed. Organic fertilizer can make the soil soft and not cause compaction. In the growth process of pumpkin, top dressing is mainly divided into three stages. After planting the seedlings slowly, apply fertilizer once. After the pumpkin seedlings sit on the two melons, fertilizer last time. After the pumpkins are harvested, apply fertilizer again. In the middle and late stages of pumpkin growth, spray some foliar fertilizer.

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