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Vietnam's Pepper Exports Gradually Resume Growth

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Pepper prices are starting to show signs of recovery in 2021 after years of decline, giving pepper growers a boost and revitalizing Vietnam’s multi-billion-dollar pepper industry.


A representative of the World Pepper Council (IPC) said that due to adverse weather and the COVID-19 pandemic, many pepper-growing regions were unable to meet production targets. In addition to Brazil entering the harvest season at this time, other major pepper producing countries such as Indonesia and India are in short supply. In addition, the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in some countries has improved, and restaurants and hotels have begun to resume operations, resulting in a sharp increase in consumer demand for pepper seasonings.


At the same time, farmers in many places have reduced production due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the drop in pepper prices. It is predicted that pepper raw materials will be in short supply in 2022.


To solve this problem, the Vietnam Pepper Association decided to import pepper from neighboring countries. Nguyen Nam Hai, chairman of the Vietnam Pepper Association, said that in 2021, Vietnam will import more pepper raw materials from Cambodia than in 2020.


The annual pepper production in Cambodia's border province with Vietnam is estimated at 30,000 tons. Although this output is only one-tenth of Vietnam's pepper export volume, it can also help pepper processing and export enterprises to solve the shortage of raw materials for recent orders.


In order to restore the pepper industry to the previous level, it is necessary to have a clear plan for the production area and quality, carefully understand the production and sales of the world's major pepper producing countries, and ensure a balance between market supply and demand.


According to the report of the Vietnam Pepper Association, the price of pepper will gradually increase from VND 48,000 per kilogram to VND 90,000 between 2020 and 2021 after a long period of price reduction. While this price is still less than half of what it was at the peak of pepper prices, it is still enough to give momentum to the pepper industry as a whole, and pepper growers in particular.


Huang Fubing, president of the Chu Shi Pepper Association, said that in order to promote the sustainable development of the pepper industry, first of all, the government, ministries and related agencies must have an accurate, comprehensive and timely grasp of domestic and foreign pepper production and all aspects of processing, distribution and consumption. stage in order to assist the pepper industry and producers in formulating realistic development strategies.

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