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Vietnam Is Looking Forward To Deepening Trade Cooperation With China

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In his keynote address, Nong Delai, the commercial officer in charge of the Vietnamese embassy in China, said that economic and trade cooperation had always been more important and prominent in the Vietnam-China comprehensive strategic partnership. According to Chinese customs statistics, trade between Vietnam and China will increase by 18.7% in 2020. Of these, Vietnam's exports to China reached $ 78.4 billion, an increase of 22.4%; Vietnamese imports from China reached $ 113.8 billion, an increase of 16.3%. In 2020, Chinese investment in Vietnam reached $ 2.46 billion. Although it fell by 40% year on year, it still ranked among the top three in 112 countries and regions that invested in Vietnam. This shows the strength and prospects of economic, trade and investment cooperation between the two countries. Very optimistic.


Nongdelai said the Vietnamese government had made sustained reform efforts and macroeconomics continued to stabilize. According to him, there are many advantages in Vietnam in terms of investment and business opportunities, which are reflected mainly in: First, the rich resources of the labor force. Vietnam has a population of more than 96 million and labor costs are currently lower than in many ASEAN countries; second, it has preferential policies, including taxes, land lease fees, etc., which provide benefits and incentives for foreign-funded enterprises, and the government assists and develops infrastructure and infrastructure for investment projects. Public facilities; thirdly, Vietnam has signed 15 multilateral and bilateral free trade agreements, 13 of which are already being implemented, which will help companies investing in Vietnam to benefit from preferential import and export duties.


Xu Ningning, Executive Director of the China-ASEAN Trade Council, said that Sino-Vietnamese economic and trade investment cooperation has grown against a trend that is positive for their economic, social and regional development in overcoming the effects of the epidemic. economic recovery. The strengthening of economic, trade and investment cooperation between the two countries is in line with the objective laws of economic development and the common needs of both parties. He suggested that "lanes and roads" and "two corridors and one ring road" be further interconnected and cooperation, and the potential for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries should be constantly explored, provided security is ensured. To prevent epidemics, both countries should jointly maintain stability supply chain and the smooth flow of trade between the two countries; Cooperation to create a new industrial chain with additional benefits and support for the modernization of industry. I believe that in the new year, China and Vietnam, which are connected by mountains and rivers, will strengthen economic cooperation in cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, and in-depth trade and investment cooperation will help cope with the adverse effects of the economic development epidemic and the volatile world economy. benefits for economic recovery and growth in both countries and regions.


The guests of the conference included representatives of the energy, transport, leather, building materials, machinery, real estate, oil and textile industries from both countries.

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