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Vietnam Exports 600,000 Tons Of Mangoes in A Year, Exports To Reach $650 Million in 10 Years

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According to the Vietnam News Agency, Vietnam exported 600,000 tons of mangoes worth more than $310 million to 53 countries and regions in 2021, up nearly 50 percent from 2020, with the vast majority going to China, Russia, the United States, South Korea, the European Union and Australia, among others. 


China has been the main export destination for Vietnam's mangoes, and in the first six months of 2021, Vietnam's mango exports to China alone reached 468,000 tons, more than the entire year 2020 exports to China. Since the second half of the year, due to the serious epidemic in Vietnam, the border crossing between China and Vietnam has been closed several times and the efficiency of customs clearance has been significantly reduced for the rest of the year, resulting in a large amount of domestic fruit stagnation in Vietnam. This year the situation still has not been effectively alleviated, and in early March Vietnam Lang Son Province issued a notice to continue to suspend the acceptance of fruit vehicles. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Lang Son, at present, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, agricultural products and fruit exports to China are strictly tested for customs clearance, and only 90-100 trucks can be cleared each day. It is suggested that exporters of products with short shelf life, especially fruits, should open up multiple sales channels. 


The direct sale of Cambodian mangoes to China started in May 2021, but it did not put much pressure on Vietnamese mangoes exported to China. The Vietnamese domestic media once expected Cambodia to export 50,000 tons of mangoes to the Chinese market every year, but due to the epidemic, the export of Cambodian mangoes to China is far from the scale of 50,000 tons per year. 


At the same time, Vietnam mangoes are also making great efforts to develop other markets. 2021 in the first half of the year, the number and value of Vietnam's mango exports to the EU increased by 7% and 3.1% respectively year-on-year, and the first 3 tons of Vietnamese mangoes with geographical indications were officially exported to the EU in February this year. Vietnam is the fourth largest supplier of mangoes to Russia, with import volume and value increasing by 114% and 6.1% respectively in 2021 compared to 2020. Vietnamese green mangoes are popular in the Australian market, with exports doubling in 2020 compared to 2019. The Japanese market, which is relatively difficult to export, also saw shipments increase twofold to 640 tons in 2021. 


Mangoes can be grown all year round in Vietnam, and there are no major differences in quality. Currently, Vietnam has about 87,000 hectares under mango cultivation, nearly half of which is in the Mekong Delta. More than 12,000 hectares of mangoes are grown in Dong Thap province, with 928 hectares meeting the Vietnam Good Agricultural Practice (VietGAP) standard and 53 hectares meeting the GlobalGAP standard. According to the target set by Vietnam for mango export, the area under mango cultivation in Vietnam will be further expanded in 2030 and the export value is expected to increase to 650 million USD.

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