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Urea When Foliar Fertilizer Use

As a result, many farmers believe that urea is the ideal foliar fertilizer of all nitrogen fertilizer types and is being used more and more often.
Product Description

How does urea when foliar fertilizer use:

1. Urea is chemical property stable, soluble in water, small in molecular form, and can enter leaf cells, and urea to nitrogen-based, according to crop demand to calculate the amount. As a result, many farmers believe that urea is the ideal foliar fertilizer of all nitrogen fertilizer types and is being used more and more often.

2. Fast absorption, high demand for nitrogen in the early stage of crop growth, especially in some green-leaf plants, and soil topdressing not only easily hurt roots, but also slow absorption and transformation rate, ordinary granular fertilizer can not be directly absorbed into the soil after a week of conversion, into the root can absorb the elements, can also be understood as decomposition. Nitrogen-deficient crops are particularly suitable for this purpose.


What problem does urea do foliar fertilizer need to notice

Urea is a pure nitrogen fertilizer, which can only supply nitrogen to crops, not all-powerful, can not replace other fertilizers, this is the first thing we should pay attention to, only when crops need to add nitrogen to be able to apply. When urea does foliar fertilizer, we must pay attention to the concentration, concentration is too high it is easy to cause fertilizer harm, I grow apples, I generally use 0.3% concentration on apple trees, other crops according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate concentration. Urea as foliar fertilizer application, and other foliar fertilizer, to pay attention to the time of spraying, generally in the morning and evening when the effect of spraying is better, high temperature at noon when spraying prone to fertilizer damage.

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Q1. How about delivery?

A: Mainly contains FOB, CIF.

Q2. How about the payment?

A: We support most mainstream payment methods. T/T, L/C.
Q3. How do you ensure your product and service quality?

A: All of our processes strictly adhere to ISO-9001 procedures, and we have 12-18 months quality warranty against BL issue date.

Q4. Do you support sample?

A: Mostly products support sample. Feel free send inquiry for specific requests.

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