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Urea Production Method

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In industry, liquid ammonia and carbon dioxide are used as raw materials to directly synthesize urea under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The chemical reaction is as follows: 2NH3+CO2→NH2COONH4→CO(NH2)2+H2O. Urea is easily soluble in water and can be dissolved in 100ml of water at 20℃. Dissolved 105 grams, the aqueous solution showed a neutral reaction.

There are two types of urea products. Crystalline urea is white needle-like or prismatic crystals with strong hygroscopicity. Granular urea is a translucent particle with a particle size of 1 to 2 mm, which has a smooth appearance and improved hygroscopicity.

At 20°C, the critical moisture absorption point is 80% relative humidity, but at 30°C, the critical moisture absorption point drops to 72.5%. Therefore, urea should not be stored in the humid climate in midsummer. Adding hydrophobic substances such as paraffin wax to the production of urea greatly reduces its hygroscopicity.

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