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Urea Ammonium Nitrate

The urea ammonium nitrate solution is urea (ammonium nitrate), ammonium nitrate (also called AN) and water made from liquid fertilizer.
Product Description

The urea ammonium nitrate solution is urea (ammonium nitrate), ammonium nitrate (also called AN) and water made from liquid fertilizer. UAN liquid fertilizer contains three nitrogen sources: nitrate nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen and amide nitrogen.


Main technical indicators

TECHNICAL INDICATORS: Total Nitrogen ≥422 g/l

of which nitrate nitrogen ≥120 g/l;

ammonia nitrogen ≥120 g/l

amide nitrogen ≥182 g/l

The agricultural industry standard Urea Ammonium Nitrate (NY2670-2015) stipulates the registration, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage requirements of urea ammonium nitrate solution. Liquid urea standard is the first compound to be quantitatively analyzed and labeled with ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and amide nitrogen, which is beneficial to agricultural producers. The biuret is determined by high performance liquid chromatography and spectrophotometer respectively The accuracy and limit of the content.

Method of use

1. As the raw material of liquid water-soluble fertilizer, it can be mutually dissolved with liquid phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer in any proportion.

2. It can be used directly as leaf spraying and drip irrigation of nitrogen fertilizer. Urea Ammonium Nitrate solution (UAN) is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer that can be applied directly and is also used as a source of water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer, the Qingye fertilizer-liquid Qingye fertilizer was compounded with high potassium, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements. Do not mix with a solution of calcium ammonium nitrate or other calcium nitrate, as this may result in a milky, thick, insoluble deposit that clogs the nozzle plug or the pipe. Compared with conventional urea, liquid urea (UAN) has better energy-saving effect. Today's solid fertilizers actually evaporate the fertilizer plant's solution, evaporate it, granulate it, turn it into a solid and transport it to the farmers, who then turn it back into a solution and apply it to the fields, which consumes more energy. However, the process of concentration and crystallization of UAN products has been removed, and the original fertilizer produced can be changed into the required concentration after a little concentration. In this way, not only unnecessary production links are removed, but better energy-saving results are achieved, it's also a great way to cut costs.


(1) Stable, non-flammable, Pale yellow or colorless, liquid nitrogen fertilizer at atmospheric pressure;

(2) Extremely corrosive, with good safety, High cost-performance and little market restriction;

(3) Efficient storage and distribution, with no loss in the process of distribution;

(4) Compound fertilizer in nitrogen fertilizer, three forms of nitrogen can greatly widen the absorption spectrum of nitrogen in plants.

(5) It contains fast growth promoting factors, which can rapidly reach the roots and stems of plants and provide fast and lasting nutrition supply for plants

(6) It is suitable for all kinds of crops, especially for vegetables, eggplants, fruits, etc. .

(7) It can be used as base fertilizer before sowing or applied immediately after sowing to avoid burning leaves

(8) Water-soluble 100% , without any impurities, 90% utilization, high efficiency, safety and environmental protection, combined with Sprayer and Irrigation System, multi-effect and easy to use;

(9) Extremely high stability, can be mixed with other chemical pesticides and fertilizers, it is compatible with other fertilizers and chemicals, and the economic advantage is that it can be used in combination with phytochemistry, a single application, for multiple purposes, saving time and money.


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