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Transparent Crystal Ammonium Sulfate

Colorless crystals or white particles. Odorless. Decomposes above 280 ℃. Solubility in water: 70.6 g at 0 ° C, 103.8 g at 100 ° C. Insoluble in ethanol and acetone. The pH of the 0.1 mol / l aqueous solution is 5.5. The relative density is 1.77. The refractive index is 1.521.
Product Description

Ammonium sulfate is mainly used as a fertilizer and is suitable for various soils and crops. It can also be used in textiles, leather, medicine, etc.



In industry, ammonia and sulfuric acid are directly used for neutralization reaction, and it is not used much. It mainly uses by-products in industrial production or exhaust gas to be absorbed by sulfuric acid or ammonia (such as sulfuric acid to absorb ammonia in coke oven gas, and ammonia to absorb smelting plants. Sulfur dioxide in the flue gas, ammonia in the production of Capron or sulfuric acid waste in the production of titanium dioxide by the sulfuric acid process). There are also ammonium sulfates produced by the gypsum method (using natural gypsum or phosphogypsum, ammonia, and carbon dioxide as raw materials).



Avoid contact with acids and alkalis. When handling, load and unload with care to prevent damage to packaging and containers. Equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment.


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Q1: Can ammonium sulfate be mixed with alkaline fertilizers?

A: Do not contact or mix with other alkaline fertilizers or alkaline substances to prevent reducing fertilizer efficiency.

Q2: How much does one mu of ammonium sulfate use?

A : Ammonium sulfate can be used as seed fertilizer, base fertilizer and top dressing. The application amount should not be too large when used as seed fertilizer. It should not exceed 3kg per mu of land. When used as base fertilizer, apply it deeply and then cover the soil. It is good for crops to absorb fertilizer and when used as top dressing. According to different soil types, determine the amount of topdressing ammonium sulfate.

Q3: How long is the effect of ammonium sulfate fertilizer?

A :  Ammonium sulfate fertilizer is a widely used inorganic soil supplement. The effective period of ammonium sulfate is generally about 50-60 days.

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