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Tips on how to fertilize apple trees

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Tips on how to fertilize apple trees


Many people who plant apple trees find that the growth of apple trees in their homes is not pleasant. Apple trees need to be fertilized several times during the year, and the fertilizer applied each time is different.

I. Fertilization of apple trees before and after flowering

Apple trees should be fertilized once a year in early April and mid-May, which is what people call pre-flowering and post-flowering fertilizer, and in both cases, the fertilizer should be mainly nitrogen and potassium.

Under normal circumstances, each apple tree should be fertilized with one kilogram of urea and five hundred grams of potash, and watered with sufficient water after fertilization.

Two: Fertilizing apple trees with base fertilizer

In order to improve the absorption of the fertilizer, you can put the phosphate fertilizer and farmyard manure together and ferment them before fertilization, and then apply them directly to the apple trees after they have decomposed.

Foliar spray fertilization of apple trees

Apple tree fertilization in addition to root fertilization, foliar spraying is also very important, has been solved in July each year before the spraying of about 0.5 percent of urea dissolved injection, after July should be sprayed with about 0.5 percent of dihydrogen potassium.

In addition, during the growth of apple trees, if you want to make its flower buds differentiate quickly, you can give it a fertilizer chase in early June, and the fertilizer used is mainly urea, so that it can make its young fruit expand quickly and is suitable for high yield.

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