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Tips for growing pineapple strawberries

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How to grow pineapple strawberries How to grow pineapple strawberries

Have you heard of pineapple strawberry? This is a special strawberry variety introduced in Chile, which can be planted in pots. You can buy some seeds of pineapple strawberry and try to plant some according to the pineapple strawberry planting method introduced below.

1, pineapple strawberry planting need to germination

We usually plant pineapple strawberry in pots at home, you need to germinate it seeds first, the specific practice is.

Soak the purchased seeds in warm water for twenty-four hours and then wrap them in a wet towel and put them in a warm place, and after three or four days you will find small white buds inside the seeds, which can then be planted directly.

2、Pineapple strawberry planting

After germinating the seeds of pineapple strawberry, prepare the soil and fertilizer in the pot, try to choose more organic fertilizer, and make the soil have good permeability, after burying the seeds into the soil, water them in time, and water them thoroughly, after doing well, you can wait for the pineapple strawberry to grow by itself, after about a week, the pineapple strawberry can grow fresh seedlings.

3、Management of pineapple strawberry

Pineapple strawberry is a perennial herb that blooms several times a year and absorbs nutrients in the soil quickly, so it needs to be fertilized once a week during its peak growing season.

In addition, after two years of growth in the same pot, it should be replaced with a new pot and new soil, and as the pineapple strawberry plant grows, it is necessary to choose a larger and more suitable pot for it to grow.

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