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This Year, Alashankou’s Inbound And Outbound China-Europe Train Exceeded 2,000

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As of May 6, the number of inbound and outbound China-Europe freight trains at Alashankou Port reached 2014, reaching 2,000 trains 48 days earlier than last year. In the first 4 months, the 1918 trains in and out of China-Europe freight trains at this port were valued at 10.01 billion U.S. dollars, up 56.7% and 80.5% year-on-year respectively, achieving a substantial increase in both volume and value.


In April of this year, there were 557 China-Europe trains entering and leaving the country via Alashankou, the highest record in a single month since the port-passing trains, breaking 500 trains for the first time. In April, Alashankou Port had an average of 18.6 China-Europe Express trains per day, with a maximum of 28 trains in a single day.


Xu Yueheng, deputy chief of the Second Section of Alashankou Customs Supervision Department, said that according to statistical data analysis, the value of the "Yuxinou", "Rongxinou" and "Changan" trains increased significantly in the previous April. These three lines have a total of 1122 trains, mainly Equipped with high-value products such as communication equipment and cars, they contributed US$6.531 billion in value, accounting for more than 60% of the total value.


At present, the China-Europe express train lines passing through the Alashankou Port mainly include 22 lines including Yuxinou, Zhengxinou, Chang'an, and Rongxinou, which can reach 13 countries including Germany, Poland, and Russia, and carry cargo categories. It involves more than 200 kinds of 8 categories of automobiles and accessories, cotton yarn, wood, iron ore, food, machinery and equipment, electronic products, and daily necessities.


Zheng Changdong, Deputy Commissioner of Alashankou Customs, said that Alashankou Customs will open the fast-track customs clearance mode for inbound and outbound railways on June 15 in accordance with the unified arrangement of the General Administration of Customs. The implementation of this model will further simplify the declaration process for trains, reduce the cost of enterprise declarations, and improve the efficiency of China-Europe trains and the facilitation of customs clearance.

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