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The technical method of applying compound fertilizer to lemon tree

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Lemon, a small evergreen tree of the genus Citrus in the family Rutaceae. The leaves are small, long elliptical, with serrulate margins. The flowers are solitary, open all year round and are highly fragrant. The fruit is long oval or ovate and ripens in autumn and winter. The skin is yellow, the flesh is extremely acidic and fragrant, the juice is citric acid and the peel can be refined into lemon oil. Lemon is one of the very common fruits and is rich in nutrition. Then for those who plant lemons, the method of compound fertilizer for lemon trees

The principle of applying compound fertilizer to lemon trees is to reapply deep autumn fertilizer and fruit picking fertilizer, and to supplement pre-flowering fertilizer and spike fruit fertilizer depending on the tree, so that the first half of the year is less and the second half is more.

In February to March, when the spring tips sprout, the first application of fertilizer, according to the strength of the tree, respectively, supplemented with some fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer. Weak material, flowering amount of trees appropriate more; strong material, flowering amount of trees less or not. The amount of nitrogen fertilizer accounted for 10-15% of the total annual amount, to promote the spring tip of the spring flowers robust growth. The second application of fertilizer after flowering to fruit expansion before, in time to supplement the loss of nutrients in the tree after flowering, to increase the amount of fruit.

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