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The role of urea, urea application skills, urea use time, precautions for urea application

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Affect the reasons for the absorption of urea, the correct use of urea and its contraindications

Urea is a very important chemical fertilizer in the cultivation of crops. Urea is an organic compound composed of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. After application, it has obvious effects and no side effects. It can be used as base fertilizer, top dressing, and extra-root top dressing. It is deeply loved by the broad masses of farmers. So, what are the reasons that affect the absorption of urea? Do you know the correct use of urea and its contraindications?

1. Reasons affecting the absorption of urea:

1. The pH of the soil, the conversion rate of urea in neutral soil is significantly higher than that of acid or alkaline soil; neutral environment is more suitable for the requirements of microbial activities.

2. The degree of fertility of the soil. Since the content of urease in fertile soil is higher than that in poor soil, the conversion rate of urea in fertile soil is faster

Large or small grains of urea for wheat topdressing? How to top dressing urea for wheat

Before and after the Spring Festival, winter wheat needs to be top-dressed, so what matters should be paid attention to when top-dressing wheat? Urea is used for top dressing of wheat. Now the urea sold on the market has large and small particles. How to choose? Let's take a look!

Wheat topdressing urea with large particles or small particles

1. Fertilize according to seedling conditions. The seedling situation of winter wheat can be divided into two aspects: the group and the individual. The group and the individual are integrated to see the seedling situation. If the wheat field belongs to the seedling situation with large groups and strong individuals, the growth should be properly controlled first, and 15% paclobutrazol per mu is wettable. 30-40 grams of powder and 30 kilograms of water spray to control the prosperous growth. Secondly, for this type of wheat field, the top dressing time should be pushed back. When the wheat seedlings grow to the top two leaves, the top dressing is just right when the wheat ears are differentiated into tetrads. Topdressing too early is not good, and too late is not conducive to yield formation. For late sowing thin wheat, usually in early March, the length of the first internode of the main stem of the wheat plant has been fixed, and the second internode is being fertilized when it is getting up and stretching, so as not to cause the stem internodes to be too long and weaken the lodging resistance of the plant ability.

2. The amount of topdressing for winter wheat after the year should take into account the soil fertility and the application of base fertilizer in the early stage of the wheat field. According to the actual situation of wheat field growth, the total amount of nitrogen fertilizer during the wheat growth period is generally about 13 kg/mu. If the amount of nitrogen applied by the base fertilizer has reached 13 kg/mu, and the fertilization position is shallow (10cm), the wheat field population is too prosperous. , Consider no or less nitrogen fertilizer. From the perspective of the number of overwintering seedlings, wheat fields with less than 400,000 heads per mu or wheat fields with a single root and single seedling are the focus of fertilization. The appropriate amount of fertilization is 8-10 kg of urea per acre of land.

How can urea be used? Fertilization skills of urea!

Urea is a high-quality nitrogen fertilizer commonly used in agriculture. Although urea has good effects, it does not have an effect after using it. The main reason lies in its application method. So, how to use urea to make full use of it? What are the fertilization techniques for urea?

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