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The difference between industrial calcium nitrate and agricultural calcium nitrate

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Calcium nitrate for industrial use

1. It is a raw material for the manufacture of other nitrates, used in the electronics industry to coat cathodes, and used in agriculture as a quick-acting fertilizer for acidic soil and a quick calcium supplement for plants.

2. Used as analytical reagents and fireworks materials.

3. It is the raw material for the manufacture of other nitrates.

Calcium nitrate for agriculture

1. Calcium nitrate is a typical fast-acting foliar fertilizer, which can act on acidic soil more smoothly, and the calcium in the fertilizer can neutralize the acidity in the soil.                                                   2. For regenerative fertilization of winter crops, post (qualitative) additional fertilization of grains, fertilization for growth of alfalfa that consumes too much, sugar beet, fodder beet, poppy, corn, green fodder mixture and additional fertilization to effectively eliminate calcium deficiency in plants Fertilization is especially convenient. Application method: 1. It is more suitable for top dressing of dry fields. However, it should be noted that the fertilizer nutrients of calcium nitrate are easy to lose, so it can be applied in a small amount and dividedly, and it is generally not applied before the rain. 2. When used as base fertilizer, it can be used in combination with decomposed organic fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer (superphosphate) and potassium fertilizer, which can significantly improve the fertilizer efficiency. However, it should not be mixed with superphosphate alone to prevent the reduction of phosphate fertilizer efficiency.                                                                       3. Due to the low nitrogen content of calcium nitrate, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer used is more than that of other nitrogen fertilizers.

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