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The cultivation of pollution-free potatoes

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1. The main factors that determine the potato sowing period

Potato sowing dates vary with varieties, climates, and cultivation areas. In general, the following aspects should be considered in determining the appropriate sowing date:

First, the expansion period of potato nuggets coincides with the local rainy season, and at the same time, the local high temperature period should be avoided to meet the requirements for moisture and temperature.

The second is to determine the sowing date according to the growth period of the variety. Late-maturing varieties should be sown earlier than medium and late-maturing varieties, and ungerminated seed potatoes should be sown earlier than germinated seed potatoes.

The third is to determine the sowing date according to the morning and evening of the local frost season, so as to avoid the harm of early and late frost.

Fourth, intercropping and intercropping should be sown earlier than single planting, so as to shorten the common growth period and reduce the conflicts between competing for water, fertilizer and glory with the main crops.

2. Potato sowing methods vary from region to region

1. Dry farming area

Generally, the two-empty method and the whole potato pit method are used.

The two-hole method is to open the furrow with a step plow, the width of the plough is 25 cm, the depth of the plough is 16-20 cm, 2 rows of planting, 2 rows of empty, after the furrow is opened, the seed fertilizer is applied into the furrow, and then the potato is sown and covered with soil. Can't plant a ridge.

Whole potato pit planting method: dig a pit with a depth of 20-23 cm, apply fertilizer at the bottom of the pit, mix the fertilizer with the soil in the pit evenly, and then sow the whole potato and cover the soil 17-20 cm to form a 5-7 cm pit to receive rainwater. The pit spacing is about 30 cm, and the row spacing is 60-70 cm.

2. Er Yin area

The double-row ridge planting method is mainly used. The ridge width of the double-row ridge planting method is 70 cm, the width of the ridge is 30 cm, and the height of the ridge is 25-30 cm. -22 cm.

3. Shuichuan District

The double-row ridge method is generally used (the same as the two-yin area). Because the machine-sowing method is fast, labor-saving and labor-saving, the plant-row spacing specifications are consistent and neat.

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