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The characteristics of peanut fertilizer needs

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The characteristics of peanut fertilizer needs

Growing peanut friends know that peanuts need to apply foliar fertilizer during the growth process to help improve quality and yield. So how to spray peanut foliar fertilizer?

A peanut fertilizer characteristics

Peanuts throughout the growth and development process, the demand for nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, calcium fertilizer is relatively high, the root system of peanuts have nitrogen fixation, so the seedling nitrogen fertilizer should be supplied in sufficient quantities to promote seedling growth.

Phosphorus fertilizer can promote peanut maturity, improve the kernel yield and oil content, while increasing the root system's ability to absorb fertilizer.

Potassium fertilizer promotes the growth of stems and vines, husks and kernels, and potassium fertilizer has a key role in improving peanut quality.

Calcium fertilizer can strengthen the metabolism of nitrogen, which is conducive to the formation and development of the root system and root nodules. Different growth periods of peanuts, we should pay attention to a reasonable mix of fertilizer application into.

Second, the key technology of peanut foliar spray fertilizer

1, spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate

Foliar spraying concentration of 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate twice, and to pay attention to the amount of spraying, such as yellowing of the leaves, you can add a small amount of urea spraying, can avoid foliar decay.

2, spraying boron fertilizer

Peanut into the pod filling period spray boron fertilizer, bloom and fruiting period each sprayed once, and to pay attention to the amount of boron fertilizer, add sufficient water, diluted and sprayed foliage.

3, spraying iron fertilizer and zinc fertilizer

Peanuts are extremely sensitive to iron, flowering and fruit expansion foliar spray 0.4% ferrous sulfate, can significantly improve yield. Add zinc fertilizer can improve the quality of peanuts, fertilizer can be used to spray zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate.

4, spraying photosynthetic microfertilizer

Photosynthetic microfertilizer applied on peanut, not only to meet its needs for a variety of trace elements, but also to control light respiration, improve photosynthetic efficiency, promote pods full and full, can increase yields by more than 7%.

Once during the flowering period and once during the fruiting period, photosynthetic micronutrient fertilizer should be sprayed in the morning on a sunny day.

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