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The Huge Ship Is Out Of Trouble And The Channel Is Clear

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The Egyptian Suez Canal Authority stated on the 29th that the heavy freighter stranded in the Suez Canal has successfully escaped and started sailing north. On the same day, the Suez Canal channel began to slowly resume traffic, and it is expected that it will take at least three days to completely clear the congestion of the Suez Canal. According to live footage released by the National Television of Egypt, the freighter was dragged by the tugboat, floating in the Suez Canal, and heading north. The surrounding cargo ships honked their whistle, and some ships also began to move.


Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, said in an interview later that the stranded freighter would be pulled to the nearby Great Bitter Lake for further inspection. The inspection time is expected to be 3 days. The cause of the accident will be announced after the inspection. Rabie also said that navigation on the canal has been resumed. However, the Canal Administration pointed out that it is estimated that it will take more than three days to completely solve the shipping traffic congestion. Egyptian President Sisi subsequently announced on social media that the congestion crisis of the Suez Canal had ended successfully, and thanked all those involved in the rescue operation.


The Suez Canal Affairs consultant stated in an interview with RIA Novosti on the 29th that the grounding of the freighter was not an act of deliberate sabotage, and the captain was responsible for this incident. The assistant to the Egyptian president also said that the Egyptian side may demand compensation from the shipowner.


In the early morning of the 29th local time, the stranded freighter partially floated. The Suez Canal Authority said that the direction of the freighter's hull has been corrected by 80%. The stern of the freighter has moved to a distance of 102 meters from the river bank. Previously, the stern was only 4 meters from the river bank. On the afternoon of the 29th local time, the Suez Canal Authority announced that the stranded freighter had completely floated and successfully escaped.

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