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The Chemical Formula Of Ammonium Sulfate And Its Use in Agriculture

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Ammonium sulfate is an excellent fertilizer, especially widely used in agriculture, but also used in other areas. Understanding the knowledge of ammonium sulfate can give you a deeper understanding of some problems of agricultural fertilizers. In addition, ammonium sulfate can also become a catalyst for food sauce color. Its uses are very diverse, and now I will introduce its role in agriculture.

The chemical formula of ammonium sulfate is (NH4)2SO4. It is suitable for general soil and crops. It can make branches and leaves grow vigorously, improve fruit quality and yield, and enhance the resistance of crops to disasters. It can be used as base fertilizer, top dressing and seed fertilizer.

    1. Used as a base fertilizer for crops:

When ammonium sulfate is used as base fertilizer, the soil should be deeply applied to facilitate crop absorption.

2. Used as top dressing for crops:

Ammonium sulfate is most suitable for top dressing of crops. The amount of ammonium sulfate topdressing should be determined according to different soil types. For soil with poor water and fertilizer retention performance, topdressing should be applied in stages, and the dosage should not be too much;

The amount of soil moisture also has a greater impact on the fertilizer efficiency, especially in dry land. When applying ammonium sulfate, we must pay attention to watering in time. As for topdressing in paddy fields, it should be drained and dried first, and attention should be paid to the simultaneous application of ploughing and harrowing. In addition, there are obvious differences in the application of ammonium sulfate to different crops. For example, when it is used for fruit trees, it can be applied in furrows, rings or holes.

3. It can be used as seed fertilizer when planting crops:

Because ammonium sulfate has no adverse effect on seed germination.

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