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Thai Durian And Coconut Exported To China For The First Time Through China-Laos Railway

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According to Thai media reports, recently, a batch of durian, coconut and other agricultural products in Thailand were shipped to China for the first time through China-Laos Railway, and if the transportation process goes smoothly, the train will arrive in China within 5 days.

It is understood that the train has three containers of agricultural products, respectively two carriages of durian and one carriage of coconut, of which the total weight of durian is 40 tons and the total weight of coconut is 20 tons. The train started from Matap Station in Rayong Province, Thailand, and then arrived in China via Nongkhai Station in Thailand and Tanaleng Station in Laos.

The staff of Thai Nongkhai Customs said that this is the first time that Thai Kao Charoen Railway Transport Company uses the Sino-Lao Railway to transport agricultural products from Thailand to China, and then unloads and transfers the goods after they reach the checkpoint in Moding, Laos, and because the Yunnan Mochan Border Crossing has not yet been completed, all parties are actively promoting it to be completed as soon as possible, so as to facilitate the transportation of goods.

The project manager of the railroad transport company, Sonjay, pointed out that the export of Thai fruits to China is still facing a series of problems due to the still severe epidemic of New Crown, but the company is fortunate to receive preferential treatment and assistance from all relevant agencies to enable the train to depart smoothly. If the trip goes smoothly and the related steps are perfect, it is expected that the fruit season in early May will help Thai fruit farmers to export fruits to China easily and quickly.

It is understood that the international transportation of cold chain of China-Lao railroad is more efficient and less costly than the original highway and sea transportation or road transportation, which will promote the economic and trade cooperation and exchange between China and South and Southeast Asian countries and form a new "golden channel" after the transportation mode enters into cycle operation. 


According to the report, Kao Charoen Railway Transport Company has partners in Laos, and related companies established in Laos have also cooperated with large Chinese enterprises. In coordination with all parties, if it goes smoothly, it will take four to five days from Rayong in the eastern region of Thailand all the way to Kunming, China. Compared with the previous one, this is the fastest transportation route at present. 

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