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Product: Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO)<br />
Molecular formula: C2H6OS <br />
Relative molecular mass: 78.13
Product Description

Technical Grade DIMETHYL SULFOXIDE DMSO Application in dyes

After the Jilin Dyestuff Factory used DMSO in the production of Rendan Shilinlan, the production capacity and yield have been greatly improved, and the Sichuan Dyestuff Factory is still using it. It is reported that adding DMSO in printing and dyeing makes dyeing uniform and eliminates color difference.


Application in paint

Technical Grade DIMETHYL SULFOXIDE DMSO  is used as a solvent, cosolvent, and antifreeze, and is used more in water emulsion paint. Because DMSO has good solubility for various resins, it is used as a solubilizer in some paints. The more important use is as a paint remover. Adding alkali or nitric acid to DMSO can remove various paint films including epoxy resin.

Application in antifreeze

The freezing point of pure DMSO is 18.45°C, DMSO with 40% water content does not freeze at -60°C, and DMSO releases heat when mixed with water and snow. This property enables DMSO to be used as a component of automobile antifreeze, brake fluid, and hydraulic fluid. Ethylene glycol antifreeze is no longer applicable when the temperature exceeds -40℃. Moreover, it has a lower boiling point than DMSO, which is toxic and easy to produce gas resistance. DMSO antifreeze is used as deicing agent, antifreezing agent for paints, various latexes, antiicing agent for gasoline and jet fuel, bone marrow, blood, antifreezing agent for cryopreservation, etc. in the severe cold regions of the north.


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