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Tai Marks One-Year Anniversary Of USMCA With Mexico Trip, Addresses Dairy Access And Climate Concerns

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To mark the one-year anniversary of the U.S, Mexico, Canada Agreement (USMCA), U.S. Trade Representative (USFTR) Katherine Tai met her multi-country counterparts in Mexico City this week. The trade leaders covered issues related to dairy market access, energy policies and climate.

In a session with Canada's Trade Minister, Tai raised issues related to softwood lumber and dairy market access.

With Mexico's Secretary of Ag, Tai emphasized the importance of Mexico resuming the authorization of biotechnology products and the status of expanding access for U.S. fresh potatoes throughout Mexico.
They also discussed the potential mutual benefits of aligning Mexico with U.S. policy on ethanol gasoline blends.

However, the headline seemed to be the concerns over Mexico's energy policies. Both the U.S. and Canada said the countries are concerned about Mexico's approach to oil and power sectors.

Maize Should Be Topdressed Like This If Want High Yield

Jul 09, 2021

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Corn is a high-yield crop and requires a large amount of fertilizer. It is necessary to implement reasonable top dressing under the premise of ensuring sufficient base fertilizer and mouth fertilizer. It is an important measure for high yield and high efficiency of corn. How can we achieve reasonable top dressing?

Common corn topdressing phenomenon

1. Top dressing is too late. We are accustomed to top dressing before and after tasseling.

2. A bombardment type top dressing. When planting, apply all the fertilizer as seed fertilizer at once, or sprinkle all the fertilizer in the head water.

3. Wangtian topdressing. Regardless of the characteristics of corn growth, topdressing after rain.

In these three situations, I believe that many friends have done this in production, but they do not know that this is a misunderstanding of corn topdressing.


Corn topdressing time

The corn bell-mouth stage (about 10-12 leaves of corn) is the most vigorous stage of physiological growth and vegetative growth. At this time, the roots, stems, leaves and ears of the plant grow and develop together, and the amount of fertilizer required is the most demanding and largest period of the entire growth period. At this time, top dressing can not only provide sufficient nutrients for corn growth and development, but also promote spikelet differentiation, increase ear size, increase grain fullness and single kernel weight, and increase the yield in the later period. The effect is very obvious.

For maize top dressing, the effect of top dressing twice is best, the first time is at the jointing and booting stage (accounting for two-thirds of the total top dressing), and the second top dressing is ear and grain fertilizer (accounting for one-third of the total top dressing). The first topdressing was started when about 10 leaves. If time does not allow, one-time top dressing can also be done in early July, but top dressing is essential.

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