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Sweet corn fertilization method

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Sweet corn fertilization method

1: During the whole growth process of corn, nitrogen is most needed, followed by potassium, and phosphorus is the third. The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is: 1:0.48:0.8.

2: Three to four leaves is the critical period for corn fertilizer. During this period, the amount of fertilizer required is not much, but it should be comprehensive.

3: The big bell mouth period (8-12 leaves) is the key period for corn fertilizer. At this time, the fertilizer effect is better, and the yield increase effect is obvious. Appropriate multi-purpose fertilizers should be used.

Apply root-fixing fertilizer after transplanting.

Raise the seedlings and fix the roots, make the leaves stretch and dark green, grow vigorously, protect the seedlings against diseases, and make the seedlings healthier.

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