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Sweet Potato Planting Tips

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One of the first things we need to understand is what role sweet potatoes play in the transformation of vines. Sweet potato roots need more nutrients during rapid expansion, which requires timely fertilization to ensure timely absorption of sweet potato nutrients. Fertilizers are generally applied together with manure or decomposed farmyard manure. The decomposed farmyard manure plays a very important role in the expansion of sweet potatoes, and sweet potatoes also have a lot of demand for phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, so potassium sulfate is usually applied appropriately to meet the requirements. This demand during the growing period of sweet potatoes.

At this time, the stems and leaves of sweet potato vines are also growing, because its vines are close to the surface of the soil for a long time, and the sweet potato vines leaking on the surface of the soil will produce a lot of aerial roots, and can also absorb nutrients by growing into the soil.

At this time, what we hope is that sweet potatoes can grow rapidly, so we need to properly inhibit the growth of sweet potato vine leaves, which requires us to turn over the vines and adjust the ratio of reproductive growth and vegetative growth. So, this step is crucial.

By flipping the vine, the aerial roots growing in the sweet potato vine are suddenly cut off from contact, reducing the sweet potato vine's rush to absorb nutrients. In addition, it increases the ability of sweet potato roots to absorb nutrients, thereby promoting the expansion and growth of sweet potato root pieces.

But for some farmers of political sweet potatoes, in fact, turning the vines requires a lot of labor, and if the manpower and material resources are not enough, the workload will be even greater. So are there other ways to ensure high yields of sweet potatoes without turning the vines?

There is still a way, before transplanting sweet potato vines, we cover the bottom of each edge with a layer of film, so that when the sweet potato roots expand rapidly, the plastic film isolates the vine from contact with the soil, so that it absorbs Without the nutrients of the soil, the vines will not grow as vigorously.

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