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Swedish Grain Prices Rise

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This year's grain harvest is expected to remain unchanged at around 5.3 million tonnes of cereals, according to forecasts by the Swedish Agricultural Cooperative (Lantmännen). The agricultural cooperative's grain manager said the figure was slightly higher than last year and on par with the average of the past five years. The increase in production is due to the large area planted last autumn. But the fall crop has also encountered many challenges, including continued rainy weather last winter and crop damage from moose, deer and wild boar. Harvest potential is good in southern and western Sweden, while eastern Sweden is hit by drought. With the sharp rise in the prices of inputs used to produce food, such as fertilizers, leading to higher food prices, the sustainable and long-term profitability of Swedish grains and Swedish food is more important than ever. Following the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, supplies fell sharply and world grain prices rose sharply. Ukraine usually exports 50 million tons of grains, but post-war production is estimated at 50-70% of normal harvests, but it does not affect exports to Sweden, which exports about 4.3 million tons per year

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