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Surface Accumulation Of Nitrogen

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The most basic method is the application of chemical nitrogen and organic nitrogen. Make full use of biological nitrogen fixation; on the other hand, people will also make full use of the organic nitrogen produced by crops to develop and strengthen animal production, and then control and use the process of microbial decomposition and biochemical reactions of various nitrogen-containing substances to improve biological nitrogen System benefits.

Therefore, as crop production increases, the various channels, namely the nitrogen cycle, are also strengthened. Nitrogen cycles in farmland ecosystems have different types such as "high input, high output" and "low input, low output". Therefore, the more nitrogen is put into the farmland ecosystem, the more nitrogen circulates through its various channels, and the greater the loss. This is a fundamental reason why the amount of nitrogen applied is disproportionate to the amount of nitrogen harvested under production conditions, and the return shows a trend of diminishing returns as the applied amount increases.

With the increasing application of chemical nitrogen fertilizers, crop yield and nitrogen uptake gradually increased, but the increase in yield per unit of nitrogen and the marginal effect gradually decreased. Obviously, the nitrogen that is not used by crops is used to strengthen the nitrogen cycle of various channels in the soil.

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