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Superphosphate General Calcium Agricultural Grade Powdery Granules

Double superphosphate, also called three-material superphosphate, is a highly concentrated phosphate fertilizer. It is a water-soluble phosphate fertilizer, ie the phosphorus contained in the fertilizer is easily water-soluble and can be directly absorbed and used by plants.
Product Description

TSP mainly supplies elements of phosphorus and calcium to plants to promote plant germination, root growth, plant development, branching, fruiting and ripening.

It can be used as a raw material for basic fertilizer, seed fertilizer, extra root topdressing, foliar spraying and compound fertilizer production.

TSP can be used alone or mixed with other nutrients. When mixed with nitrogen fertilizer, it has some effect on nitrogen fixation.

If Triple superphosphate is used as a top dressing, the dosage can be adjusted to 20-30 kg per morning. It should be noted that it must be applied early and deeply, and to the layer of the soil, which has a lot of roots. Otherwise the effect of superphosphate will be small. When used as a seed fertilizer, the amount of superphosphate per mu should be set to about 10 kg.

Packing: 50kg woven plastic bag lined with plastic bag or customized as needed.


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Q1: Which shipping port?

A: Usually it is Tianjin.

Q2: How is Triple superphosphate used as a top dressing?

A: When Triple superphosphate is used as an off-root topdressing, it should be sprayed before and after the plants bloom. It is best to choose a superphosphate solution with a concentration of 1% to 3% for spraying.

Q3:  Are there any precautions in the application of Triple superphosphate?

A: (1) Do not mix with alkaline fertilizers to prevent acid-base neutralization and decrease fertilizing efficiency.

(2) It is mainly used in areas with phosphorus deficiency to encourage the development of the potential of phosphate fertilizer production.

(3) The amount of Triple superphosphate must be appropriate when using Triple superphosphate. If a large amount of Triple superphosphate is applied year after year, the effect of phosphate fertilizers will be reduced.

(4) Superphosphate should be crushed and sifted during use, otherwise it will affect the uniformity and effectiveness of the fertilizer.

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