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Spraying method of potato foliar fertilizer

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Taking foliar fertilizer as an example, it will be introduced in detail from three aspects: calculation of dilution ratio, dosage, and spraying attention:

Step 1, the dilution ratio, such as 40 liquids of Dehua Xinlu foliar fertilizer, 40g of 15-30kg of water, that is, 600-800 times of dilution, other types of foliar fertilizers such as ml, in the calculation, such as 100ml diluted 1000 times , ie 0.1L*1000=100L, about 100 kg of water, add water to dissolve.

Step 2, spraying. Potato is a tuber crop. The foliar fertilization should be mainly on the back side. Turn the sprayer nozzle diagonally upward, and evenly pass it on the back of the leaves. Do not spray it all back and forth because of the remaining liquid. It is easy to cause excess nutrients.

Step 3, time, the potato is usually sprayed 1-2 times at the seedling stage, and once every two weeks, without too much spraying, there must be base fertilizer being absorbed.

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