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Specific factors affecting the emergence rate of carrots

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1. Choose superior species

The seed structure of carrots is more complicated, because carrot seeds are relatively hard, have poor permeability, small embryos, weak top soil ability, and will be affected by environmental factors to reduce the germination rate of seeds. And the germination rate of seeds stored for too long will be lower, so we must maintain the freshness of the seeds before planting, and we can distinguish the quality of the seeds by smelling the odor of the seeds and observing the color.

2. Treat seeds

When selecting seeds, select seeds that have been treated. If there are many bristles on the surface of the seeds, rub them off in time. Increase the contact area between seeds and soil, enhance the nutrient and water absorption capacity of seeds, and promote seed germination. And before sowing, the seeds should be exposed to the sun for two days to improve the vigor of the seeds, promote the germination of the seeds, and enhance the germination ability.

3. Seed soaking to promote germination

Normally, carrot seeds are broadcasted directly to increase the number of seedlings to increase the number of carrot seedlings. Therefore, we need to properly soak seeds to promote germination to increase the germination rate of seeds. First, soak the treated seeds in warm water at about 45 degrees for about 2 hours, and then wrap the seeds with a damp cloth after soaking. Then put it at a temperature of about 22-24 degrees for accelerating germination. After about three days, about 80% of the seeds are white and you can start planting.

4. Fine land preparation

When planting, choose deep, soft, and fertile sandy soil for planting. After selecting the ground, carry out deep plowing and land preparation. The depth of the cultivated land is about 26-29 cm. Then make the border and rake, and apply sufficient base fertilizer according to the planting area. The base fertilizer is mainly decomposed farm manure, supplemented by compound fertilizer. It is to crush the soil during sowing to prevent soil compaction, improve soil permeability, promote seed germination, and increase seedling emergence.

5. Matters needing attention

Before planting the ground, water enough water, and then plant the ground when the soil moisture is good, and pay attention to watering after planting to keep the soil moist. A small amount of green vegetables seeds can be mixed into the seeds when sowing, and the strong growth ability of green vegetables can be used to shade. After the carrot seedlings are unearthed, the greens are basically mature and can be harvested and marketed. It not only improves the planting efficiency, but also improves the emergence rate of carrots and the utilization rate of land. 

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