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South African Apple Exports To China Exceed 1 Million Boxes For The First Time

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As the South African apple export season comes to an end, the import volume of South African apples into China this year exceeded the 1 million box mark for the first time.




South African apples and pears (HortGro Pome) data show that as of the 35th week, this season's South African apple exports to China totaled 104,5457 boxes, a significant increase of about 30% compared to 800,000 boxes in the same period last year. At 12.5kg per box, total imports reached 13,068 tons.




Fresh apples from South Africa are available in the opposite season in China, capturing the market gap of domestic apples from February to August. Combined with South Africa's abundant sunlight and pristine natural conditions, the apples produced are rich in flavor and crisp in taste. In terms of varieties, Fuji and Royal Gala/Gala have become the main varieties of South African apples exported to China. As of week 35, Fuji exports were 8,605 tons and Royal Gala exports were at 3,473 tons, accounting for 92% of the total. The new variety Bigbucks, with its deep red skin, high sweetness and low acidity, is very much in line with the taste of Chinese consumers, and its export volume increased by 100 tons again to 801 tons, compared to 700 tons in the same period last year. 

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