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Sodium nitrate in manufacturing applications

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1、The cigarette industry is used as an accelerant for tobacco, and the pharmaceutical industry is used as a culture medium for penicillin.

2, Agriculture: Sodium nitrate can provide nutrition for plants and improve soil properties. It increases the effectiveness of phosphorus and trace elements and promotes the formation of organic acids. It also helps to release phosphorus and trace elements from the soil particles into the soil solution. Increases the utilisation of water by plants. Enables minimal transpiration of plants and increases the efficiency of soil water uptake. Reduces the uptake of chlorine by plants in the soil solution or irrigation water.

3, concrete: as a concrete admixture, it can improve the early strength of concrete. Prevents corrosion of reinforcing steel. Prevent concrete from freezing damage in winter construction.

4, decolourisation: sodium nitrate is mainly used to eliminate the undesired colour brought by impurities in raw materials to the glass, making it colourless and transparent. There are mainly two kinds of chemical decolourising agents and physical decolourising agents, of which chemical decolourising agents usually eliminate colour through oxidation.

5, rust prevention: sodium nitrate has strong oxidizing properties, the surface generates a dense oxide film to prevent rusting. The key to achieving a better cleanliness of the steel surface in a short period of time is to choose the concentration of sodium nitrate. Reducing the concentration not only accommodates more iron chloride content, but also is not easily saturated, thus better solving the pickling quality of steel products.

6, food industry: food industry used as meat processing colouring agent, can prevent meat spoilage, and can play a flavoring role.

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