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Sesame Fertilization Program

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Sesame Fertilization Program

1. Sesame base fertilizer:

Because the distribution of sesame roots in the soil is shallow, when the basal fertilizer is of high quality and low in quantity, shallow application and concentrated application are appropriate. Combined with harrowing, apply 15-20 tons of high-quality organic fertilizer per hectare. Lime or plant ash is applied to acid soil, and the yield increase effect is obvious. When soil available phosphorus is less than 10 mg/kg, phosphorus fertilizer (P2O5) should be applied as base fertilizer, 60-75 kg per hectare. The amount of nitrogen fertilizer (N) is generally 75 to 90 kg per hectare.

2. Sesame seed fertilizer:

Sesame seeds are small and contain few nutrients, and application of seed fertilizer can promote the growth of seedlings. Seed fertilizers are more effective in conditions with low soil fertility levels or without basal fertilizers. The seeds of sesame are small, and they are not resistant to high concentrations of fertilizers. The amount of seed fertilizer should not be too much, nor should it be mixed with seeds. It is safer to apply sideways. If no organic fertilizer is used as base fertilizer, finely divided high-quality organic fertilizer can be mixed with a small amount of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers. When sowing, it can be used as a cover seed fertilizer. The dosage is 1.5 to 3 tons of organic fertilizer per hectare, mixed with 75 kg of superphosphate. Ammonium sulfate 37.5 kg.

3. Sesame top dressing:

The growth period of sesame is short, and summer sesame and autumn sesame are often too late to apply basal fertilizer due to the tight season. Therefore, topdressing nitrogen fertilizer can timely meet the large amount of nutrients required by sesame during the period of high nutritional efficiency. Under the above conditions, topdressing nitrogen fertilizer should be applied early to the budding stage, and under the condition of applying basal fertilizer or seed fertilizer, it is better to apply it at the early flowering stage, and the amount of nitrogen should be 75 kg per hectare.

4. Top dressing on sesame leaves:

The leaves of sesame are wide, and the stems and leaves are densely hairy, which can better adhere to the fertilizer solution, and the capsules are all born in the leaf axils. The fertilizer solution sprayed on the leaves can be absorbed by the capsules in time for the formation of seeds. Therefore, spraying 0.4% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution during the flowering period has a better effect. When the soil available boron content was 0.4 mg/kg, spraying 0.2% borax solution at the beginning of flowering had the effect of increasing yield.

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