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Recommendation for the use of corn base fertilizer

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Fertiliser, also known as base fertiliser, includes various fertilisers applied before and at the time of sowing. The amount of base fertiliser applied and the proportion of the total fertiliser applied varies according to the type of fertiliser, the soil and the sowing period. The emphasis should be on organic, late-effective fertilisers, with an appropriate mix of fast-acting chemical fertilisers.

1, choose the standard of corn bottom fertilizer. According to the law of fertilizer and fertilizer characteristics of corn growth, you should choose a compound fertilizer with high nitrogen, low phosphorus and high potassium, generally with a nitrogen content of about 20%, phosphorus content of about 10%, potassium content of about 15%; should not use nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium balanced compound fertilizer for the bottom. In addition, according to the law of fertilizer and fertilizer characteristics of corn, the choice of high potassium fertilizer can increase the resistance of corn and promote the late weight gain of corn, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing production.

2, should be heavy base fertilizer and corn growth period chase fertilizer combination. A full application of base fertilizer, because of the long growth period of corn, will cause varying degrees of late corn off fertilizer, affecting yields; in addition, a one-time application into the base fertilizer, the amount of large, easy to burn seedlings, will give corn sowing full seedlings, so should be a combination of corn base fertilizer and chase fertilizer.

3, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium balanced compound fertilizer should not be used as a base fertilizer. The amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium required by any kind of crop will not be balanced, so the application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium balanced compound fertilizer will be one of the nutrients in excess, resulting in nutrient waste, but also inhibit the absorption of other nutrients by the crop, which will not achieve a better fertilization effect and needlessly increase the input.

4, the bottom fertilizer is best not to apply diammonium phosphate alone. Corn bottom fertilizer belongs to the three-tier compound fertilizer, containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium three elements and some trace elements, while diammonium phosphate belongs to the binary compound fertilizer, containing only nitrogen, phosphorus two elements. Maize growth needs nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium three elements, and potassium fertilizer demand is greater, so the choice of maize bottom fertilizer should be chosen to contain a higher potassium ternary compound fertilizer. If you apply diammonium phosphate, it is best to use it in conjunction with potash.

5. Apply fertilizer 10-15 cm deep to ensure 8-10 cm of seed and fertilizer separation to avoid burning seeds and seedlings.

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