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Reasonable fertilization method for mango trees

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Fertilizer before and after fruit picking. Mango fruit results, consume more nutrients, such as not timely supply of fertilizer to supplement, will be difficult to restore the tree, affecting the sprouting of autumn tips. Fertilization before and after fruit picking is the key to fertilization throughout the year, fertilization accounted for 60% -80% of the annual fertilization, divided into two better. Before and after the first fruit picking into high-quality organic fertilizer and fast-acting chemical fertilizer. Organic fertilizer 20-30 kg per plant, urea 0.8-1 kg, compound fertilizer 0.5-1 kg, organic fertilizer into the deep soil, fast-acting fertilizer in the root distribution layer, to promote the recovery of the tree, as soon as possible to sprout and draw autumn tips. Early-ripening species are applied after fruit picking, and medium- and late-ripening varieties can be applied before fruit picking. 

It is best to finish the application before mid to late August. The second application of fertilizer in the last tip began to turn green, combined with turning the soil buried in weeds, compound fertilizer 0.25 kg / plant, and foliar spray 0.3% dihydrogen phosphate potassium, generally should be controlled before the end of November, so that the autumn tips to stop growing old, accumulate photosynthetic nutrients, into the bud differentiation state. During this period to properly control the supply of nitrogen-containing liquid fertilizer.

Strong flower fertilizer. The time of fertilization depends on the tree, the state of the plant and the weather. But must be timely fertilization, to plant 50% of the last branch tip bud when the fertilization is appropriate. Otherwise, if the tree is strong, the temperature rises, fertilization too early can induce too much nutrient branch tips or mixed flowering branch sprouts, reducing the amount of flowers. Strong flower fertilizer should be applied with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, 0.2-0.3 kg of compound fertilizer per plant at the time of bud, 0.2 kg of potassium fertilizer (potassium nitride) and magnesium fertilizer (magnesium sulfate) per plant at the pre-blooming stage, 0.1% borax, 0.2%-0.3% potassium phosphate and 0.2%-0.3% quality urea at the flowering stage. -0.3% high quality urea solution. Or apply 1-2 quintals of soil fertilizer, 2-2.5 kg of peanut bran, 0.5 kg of urea and 0.5 kg of potash, or 1-2 quintals of soil fertilizer, 2-2.5 kg of peanut bran, and 1-1.5 kg of imported compound fertilizer, according to 50 kg of fruit per plant. -1.5 kg.

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