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Pumpkin fertilizer requirement pattern

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According to the study, every 1000 kg of pumpkin fruit production needs to absorb about 4.5~5.2 kg of nitrogen, 1.6~1.8 kg of phosphorus, 5.3~6.0 kg of potassium, 4~6 kg of calcium and 1~3 kg of magnesium. From this, it can be seen that pumpkin has a high need for nitrogen and potassium, followed by calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium absorption characteristics of pumpkin different fertility period is: nitrogen in the pumpkin results in the early absorption slowly, and gradually increase, in the pumpkin fruit expansion period began to absorb a sharp increase; phosphorus absorption is relatively smooth; potassium absorption and nitrogen absorption process is similar, but in the pumpkin fruit expansion period absorption is particularly prominent; calcium absorption in the pumpkin results in the early gradually increase, absorption and nitrogen, potassium similar, but later absorption than nitrogen, potassium less;. Magnesium uptake is similar to that of phosphorus in the pre-fruiting and fruiting stages of pumpkin, with increased requirements for seed development within the fruit and easy magnesium deficiency.

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